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  1. Life Cover works for you not the insurer so you are guaranteed a completely impartial quote. Compares hundreds of policies.
  2. You can use our service knowing you are under no obligation ever!
  3. It takes literally minutes to get a quote.
  4. You know you will have found a competitive life quote to suit your needs guaranteed.
  5. Insurance companies want your business, so use our service to your advantage.
  6. You don’t need to spend hours trailing round insurance companies or on the phone to an overseas call centre, 2-3 minutes and one click and you have access to all the major UK insurers.
  7. Life Cover will deliver you a first class service, with only one thing in mind finding you the best life insurance quote possible.

What could you save?

Below is an example of the different cost of monthly premiums available:

  1. Halifax £32.99
    Nationwide £32.00
    Allied Dunbar £24.28
    Marks and Spencer £24.25
    Lifetime £16.50

    The above is based on comparisons for £100,000 life cover over 25 years for a male non-smoker aged 40 next birthday.

    Alliance & Leicester £18.50
    HSBC Life (UK) Ltd £14.44
    Woolwich Life £15.79
    Friends Provident £18.03
    Lifetime £ 8.20

    The above premiums are based on a non-smoker male age 34, for a 20 year level form life cover at £100,000

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