Q. Do you have access to the best UK insurance companies?

A. Yes you can rest assured you will only receive quotes from reputable household named insurance companies at all times.We have access to the whole market including every major UK insurer.

Q. I need life cover for my mortgage and I am worried about what would happen to my family if anything happened to me.

A. Life Cover Search is dedicated to helping you and your family. You can get quote for protecting your mortgage as well as life cover to protect your family including critical illness in a matter of minutes.

Q. How easy is it to use the quote from?

A. It is very easy to use and has built in prompts to assist you. It takes about 2 minutes and that’s it one click and your done.

Q.Why do some people pay more than other?

A.Some of the main factors that affect the amount you pay are your age, your sex, your occupation, smoker status, your health, the level of cover you need and type of contract that you choose. The older you are the higher the premium. From an individual point of view – your height, weight, medical history and lifestyle are all assessed.

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